Thursday, May 31, 2007

BBC documentary on Rembetika

A very informative hour-long feature on rembetika music, narrated by Anthony Quinn, has been posted on YouTube in 10 parts.
Here are the links to each part:

Part 1 (4:34)
Part 2 (4:40)
Part 3 (6:12)
Part 4 (3:51)
Part 5 (4:15)
Part 6 (3:17)
Part 7 (5:20)
Part 8 (4:48)
Part 9 (5:17)
Part 10 (5:10)

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Rembetika Hipsters Facebook page

For those who haven't heard, the latest rage on the 'net is Facebook, and although we managed to resist MySpace, this one is actually pretty neat. So go ahead, check out our group on Facebook. You'll have to sign in, but it'll be worth it 'coz you'll end up finding people you haven't seen in years!