Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ben, Malcolm and Jonathan perform in "Raices"

Annette Morcos presents:
"RAICES" - A Journey Through the Roots of Flamenco

Friday, May 4, 2007 at 8:00 pm
Orpheus Theatre, SAIT campus
$27 in advance / $35 at the door
For information: 403-217-1954

"Raíces" is a musical and dance journey that will explore the roots of Flamenco. Combining critically acclaimed musicians from the Plaid Tongued Devils and Rembetika Hipsters as well as award-winning artists in bellydance and Flamenco, Raíces is an explosion of ancient cultures presented through an entire selection of unique live music, singing and performance. The concert will portray the enrichment of Flamenco through the interplay of gypsy and Indian influences, while highlighting the elegance of Moorish and Spanish cultures.

Dafne Canales Lees – BELLYDANCER - Dafne is the director of Arabia Adorned Bellydance Academy, a Middle Eastern dance school and company that operates in Calgary. She spent her youth in Libya and has great respect for and understanding of the Middle Eastern dance style.

Ben Johnson – MUSICIAN – Ben is an original Rembetika Hipster. The Hipsters have been playing Greek and Oriental music in Calgary and across Canada for 10 years. A versatile instrumentalist, Ben will be performing on several lutes and drums.

Jonathan Lewis – VIOLINIST – Jonathan is a violinist and composer with Calgary's well-loved Plaid Tongued Devils. In addition, he performs with the Rembetika Hipsters and has worked in dozens of theatrical productions and on many recordings by Calgary musicians.

Malcolm Lim – DUMBEK PERCUSSIONIST- Malcolm is a percussionist and co-founder of the Calgary Samba School. He has been involved with several World Music bands including the Rembetika Hipsters and worked with several western Canadian symphonies. He has studied Middle Eastern percussion extensively, and is currently writing a book on the subject

David Matyas - FLAMENCO GUITARIST –David is a guitarist who has been actively involved in the Flamenco scene for the last three years. He has performed extensively with Salero Caló Flamenco Group, Calgary's premier Flamenco group, over the last three years. The group has performed at several sold-out shows at the Beat Niq Jazz Bar.

Annette Morcos – SINGER & FLAMENCO DANCER – Annette is a Flamenco dancer and singer and the producer of 'Raíces.' She is the director of Salero Caló Flamenco group and Fineza Flamenca Dance School. As well as having skills as a dancer, Annette is a singer of both Flamenco and Arabic music. She has produced several major performances since 2003, the last of which took place in Calgary on March 2006 when international artists were invited to perform. She recently embarked on a three-city tour in Alberta with her group.

Maria Regnier - FLAMENCO DANCER – Maria has been a member of Salero Caló for two years. Before moving to Calgary, Maria was involved in the Saskatoon Flamenco scene and prior to that she danced with a Ukrainian dance troupe. Fineza Flamenca Dance School dancers will also be performing.

KalaBhavan of Calgary – INDIAN DANCER -- is directed by Roma Thakore who holds a Bachelor of Dance from the University of Bombay. Roma has been teaching Bhartnatyam dance in Calgary for 25 years. Her students have won several dance competitions and have performed for several cultural organizations.

Raíces is a one-evening engagement at the Orpheus Theatre, SAIT campus, 1301 – 16 Ave NW.
Tickets: $27 in advance / $35 at the door. Tickets and info: (403) 217-1954, Pumphouse box office (403) 263-0079.

Media contact: Marcela Antoniou