Thursday, August 30, 2007

BC Tour Report

Jonathan D. Lewis writes:

Well... or should I say Wells?

The Cave of Markos V 2007 Tour of Interior BC has come to a close. More Greek food consumed in 5 days than most people would eat in an entire year!

Lorenzo's Cafe, Ashton Creek: Lots of dancing women (and a few lucky guys). A great gig to get us warmed up.

Theos, Penticton: A 300-seat, yet still intimate, restaurant with a most gracious host, Nikos Theodosakis and family. Fantastic food, great company, and free-flowing Metaxa.

On the following morning, struggling through the haze of the previous evening's Metaxa, we were back at the restaurant. In the beautiful atrium, Nikos, also a director/filmmaker, shot a video for us. Watch for it in the upcoming months. I, for one, can hardly wait to see it! Another beautiful lunchtime meal, and then we were back on the road again.

Minos Restaurant, Kamloops: Realizing that in the very tight quarters of this cozy restaurant amplification wasn't going to work, we went acoustic. As we roamed through the restaurant, George, the owner, followed us, dancing, singing along, and ensuring a raucously fun time for all. Again, we were more than amply fed.

Sunset Theatre, Wells: Last, and certainly not least, we performed in this beautiful, historic theatre which is being lovingly restored by Karen and Dave Jeffery. Gorgeous acoustics, requiring only just a slight touch of amplification made this a very magical night. Eventually, we left the stage, speakers, and mics, and joined our audience. There was some great dancing... and I will confess to having danced my first zembekiko.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

August Update

The Hipsters are taking a break from Pegasus August 15-29. We'll be back on September 5.

There are only five(!) copies of our first CD, Architects of Narghile, left for sale, in the world. Contact us if you want to buy one. We won't be reprinting it in yer standard CD format again, so act fast.

We'll be doing a short interior BC tour, though: Lorenzo's in Enderby, BC August 23. Theo's restaurant in Penticton, BC August 24. Minos restaurant in Kamloops, BC August 25.
The Bear's Paw Cafe and Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC August 26.

I haven't written anything about the Calgary Folk Festival yet - our concert was a litle disappointing; sabotaged by the stage crew we only got to play 30 minutes out of our scheduled 45. But the workshops, Vre Manga! Here's a nice review by an audience member of Brave New World, which was an enormous, sprawling jam with the Tuvan throat singers Chirgilchin and the Afghani-Canadian qawwali band Mushfiq Ensemble - The other show was with our good friend Geoff Berner and Montreal's Lubo Alexandrov (whose accordionist, Emil, knew all our songs and became a fast friend). Here's a note from someone who saw that show: . Many thanks to Kerry for inviting us back to this wonderful, utopic festival.