Monday, November 7, 2011

Collectors Items: Our first two CDs

A couple of years ago, we ran out of copies of our first two CDs, Architects of Narghile (2001) and Dinner in Polidroso (2004). Rather than reprint them in these download-happy times where it is now much harder to sell CDs, we decided to let them go out of print and concentrate on marketing our latest release, Kafeneion. But recently a very few shrink-wrapped, untouched copies surfaced. If you are interested in acquiring them, send us an email at These won't last, so act quickly. Makes a fabulous Christmas gift, I'm sure!

Also! Jonathan Lewis has compiled a selection of tracks from these two CDs on a best-of CDR. And he remastered them so they sound better than ever. And he added an out-take from Kafeneion, our version of an old rebetiko song, Arrostisa Manoula Mou, unavailable anywhere else.

Any of these items are $20 Canadian.

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